The best way to create healthy eating habits is to set a goal to do so. A pen and paper or the electronic device of your choice is a good start. Use writing your goal down as a reminder to help stay focus on your objective. Goal setting is a very powerful tool for the mind and also a great tool to track you progress.These are must haves to get started.

Next, surround your self with a lot of information about eating healthy. This helps with resolve and gives a person a chance to try new things. Experimenting with healthy foods will give you an idea of what you like. It can be a way to substitute old foods for new ones. A lot of data supports the idea of substituting to create a better habit.Which is essentially what is being done as we are creatures of habit.
It is also a great idea to start small, for example, say you enjoy eating a hamburger, fries, and a shake, it may be a good idea to skip the shake and opt for water and add a fruit to your meal. These two small changes can help motivate you to at some point order a salad and water.
Another idea is plan your meals when in a social environment that may cause you to be vulnerable;a party,birthday etc. Your mind will remind you of your prior programming and you will have more control over your situation.
Join a fitness center, exercise and healthy eating usually go hand and hand. It is a great motivator to help usher you into a healthy lifestyle. It will make you more conscious of your eating habits.
Partner up with a friend or co worker, group motivation works with many people. Group participation can serve you in two ways;friendly competition and a support system.
Above all be patient with your self, your body has to make the transition from your regular diet to a healthy one. This takes time, so be gentle yet firm ,mind and body must work together to achieve maximum results. Learn more at fakedoctorsnotetips.com.