Fake Doctor Note Templates You Can Print and Use (Silo 3)

Faking Doctors Notes: When Printable Forms Can Come in Handy

Although your boss may take your word if you claim you’re sick, having a medical excuse from a doctor will always keep you on the safe side since the working regulations strictly require providing a legit excuse for absenteeism. I’m sure most of you have been in a situation when a free printable medical template to fake an excuse from a doctor was the only chance to get out of work legally.

an example of a fake doctor's noteSince using a fake doctors note template is considered to be a fraud against employers, downloading a printable fake dr medical template to forge an excuse for work is quite tricky. On the one hand, you may feel embarrassed to reveal the real reasons for your absenteeism to your boss, while, on the other hand, you do want to deliver a credible legal excuse for it. So, how should you deal with the dilemma?

To be honest, it is difficult to come up with a one-solution advice since the reasons to stay out of work are quite versatile in different people. You may want to download a fake printable doctors note template if you:

  • Have no free time or money to go to a doctor.
    Why spending considerable amounts for visiting a doctor if you can always download an affordable or even free printable medical form to fake an excuse from a doctor? Whenever I was sick due to an ailment which could be treated with over-the-counter pills, I would mostly use a fake dr note template. It doesn’t take long to go online, find, and download a printable doctors note template while filling in the blank spaces of the form is a matter of a couple of minutes.
  • Don’t want to lose your earnings.
    Since most of the printable fake doctors note templates are comparatively cheap, losing your daily income is never an alternative. Besides, the majority of the medical form samples and fake dr note template examples are usually free which means you won’t have to pay to download them if you just want to check their quality.
  • Need an excuse to avoid penalties.
    Whatever is stated in your employment contract, it is highly likely that getting out of work without a legal excuse is not there. That’s why downloading a fake doctors note template is a great chance to avoid being fired or penalized with a payoff.

Since you can always find a free printable sample of a medical excuse form online, it is really easy to fake doctor note to excuse your absenteeism. However, a lot depends on the quality of the fake dr templates you download. To be successful, you need to download fake printable templates from an online guide which can verify your excuse 24/7/365. Check this out to learn how you can download free printable fake doctors note templates as well as find some good examples of printable blank medical forms to use when creating a doctor excuse for work.

Fake Note Examples and Samples: Free vs. Paid

an image of a girl faking illnessWhen it comes to downloading a free printable fake pdf doctors note template, there are several factors to bear in mind. As for me, the best fake note services should provide:

  • Free fake dr medical forms examples and samples.
    Although I would never download a free printable template to customize the blank forms, I strongly believe a trustworthy company must offer its clients some free examples and samples of dr notes so that they know what they spend their money on.
  • A possibility to download free samples and examples instantly.
    Try to avoid services which promise to send you free medical samples and printable examples of dr excuses or fake templates on your e-mail. A serious company should always have them handy for your instant access.
  • Affordable rates.
    In my opinion, you can’t count on downloading the best reason to get out of work for free. However, if you deal with a serious service, you can always get some good free printable samples of medical forms, as well as download examples of a fake doctors note pdf to assess their quality before you make your purchase.

Where to Look for Fake Doctors Note Samples

The easiest and the fastest way of acquiring free fake doctors note pdf samples to fake your excuse for work is to download them from the Internet. However, since the number of services offering to download free printable blank dr notes is really big, it is important to choose those which can provide only the top quality fake excuse templates.

As long as it is not possible to decipher between your fake dr note and a real one, your employer will have no further questions when you deliver it since your health details cannot be revealed according to the law.

When a Medical Record Release Form Template Should Be Used

This medical form is really convenient for an emergency situation. If you haven’t planned to miss your work and did not have time to create a back-up story for your ‘ailment’, you can always use a medical release form template to create a legal excuse for your absenteeism.

The medical release form template normally contains blank fields to fill in with your personal details. It usually verifies you’ve been visiting a doctor for certain reasons as well as states that you can get back to work with some restrictions (if any).

If you go online, you will find plenty of free printable blank forms which you can download but I wouldn’t risk delivering them to the employer. However, you can always use them as examples so you know better what to look for. Even if you fill in the blank spaces correctly, there’s always a chance someone has downloaded a similar free fake dr excuse and delivered it before. And if there’s the slightest possibility your excuse won’t look authentic, I’d recommend not delivering it at all.

When filling in the blank forms, it is also important not to do it on your own and you shouldn’t ask one of your colleagues to fill in the blanks either as your employer may simply recognize your handwritings and your excuse will fail.