Use a Fake Doctor’s Note Template to Miss Work (Silo 1)

How to Get a Day Off with a Fake Note from a Doctor

Work is important, there is no arguing this fact. However, sometimes you just can’t get to work, but the real excuse you have won’t cut it with your boss. Thousands of people face this kind of problem every day, so you are not alone.

a man checking his temperatureThere is a simple and efficient solution you can use in this situation, a fake note from a doctor or hospital. This kind of excuse will definitely work as no boss, no matter how hard he or she is, can fault you missing a few days of work due to illness. The laws of the land will not allow to fire you on this basis, so downloading a fake doctor note template is a foolproof way to get some free time.

However, you shouldn’t forget that using fake excuse notes from a doctor to miss work can be risky. If the printable fake note template you download is of poor quality, you will get into a world of trouble when you return to work. Therefore, be sure to do some research so that you know how a real note from a doctor or hospital looks like.

Next, study the free printable fake medical note sample templates offered by the company you consider buying from. Check at every detail closely as you need to be 100% sure that it looks perfectly authentic.

Invest your money in a high-quality fake printable doctor or hospital note template, and you’ll be able to miss work and get some free time whenever you need without risk.

A Free Guide for Medical Excuses That Work

One of the most important considerations you need to make when choosing what kind of fake medical excuse to use in order to miss work is the condition you want to fake. Today you can find a fake printable template from any kind of doctor or hospital. Look them up during your free time and you’ll definitely be amazed at the sheer number of fake medical papers available.

There is a specialized doctor or hospital note template for everything, from stress, to surgery, to miscarriage. This makes choosing the best kind for you extremely difficult as you need to be sure that the excuse will be believable when you return to the office.

In addition, don’t forget that some types of conditions will require using more than one fake doctor note as well as a few hospital forms and other medical documents templates. I strongly advise you to research all the medical and labor regulations in your state/county as well as take some free time reading about your company’s policies regarding these matters. Compile the list of medical papers you’ll need to present when using the type of excuse you plan on.

Next, find a high-quality printable template for every single note from a doctor or hospital form you need. Paperwork matters greatly when you need an excuse from work, so it’s better to get more so that you are prepared for anything.

a sick woman talking on the phoneReliable companies that sell authentic-looking fake doctor and hospital note templates and other medical documents usually offer a package with a collection of printable templates for a very reasonable price. Be sure to look into the free samples of these templates before buying. Here is a nice post to learn more about this.

From my personal experience, I can advise you that using an elaborate fake excuse is not a good idea. For example, presenting your boss with a fake ‘planned surgery’ note to miss a few days in a week’s time is a definite ‘overkill’.

Yes, this will give you the free time you need. However, you will also need to consider all the implications of having a real surgery. If you actually had it, you would need to maintain strict diet and regime, you will also feel sore and tender in the affected area. General muscle weakness and stress are common post-surgery consequences that you’ll have to fake for weeks if you use this excuse.

Details like this are often overlooked, which is the exact reason why using a fake doctor note template to miss work might get you in trouble upon return. It’s essential to keep up your act well after you return to work with your fake excuse, so I suggest note using such ‘extreme’ notes.

Simplicity is the key in this case. Check out my post at where I explain the pros and cons of common medical excuses that are most likely to work and don’t require any complex acting. You should also look into the recent labor statistics to find out what excuses are the most reasonable choice depending on your age and gender.

I believe that the top 3 fake doctor/hospital note printable templates you should always have on hand are:

  • A dental emergency note
  • An excuse note for food poisoning
  • An eye emergency note

These problems are common, simple to fake, and always trigger an emotional response from the other party. As these conditions are extremely painful, and it’s likely that your boss knows this from personal experience, he or she is less likely to look at the fake note too closely because they will feel sympathetic toward you.

Return to Work Safely by Using a Foolproof Medical Excuse

A fake printable doctor note template to miss work is a great excuse that can get you some much needed free time. Just be sure to use it wisely as this kind of fake excuse can get you in trouble if you don’t prepare properly for your return to the office.

Take some of your free time to conduct a comprehensive research of doctors and hospitals in your area as well as medical excuse papers that must be used in different situations. Take the same care when researching the available printable templates of fake doctor notes. Study the free samples offered and don’t hesitate to contact the company for clarifications if you have any questions.

Being thorough when setting up your fake excuse before your return to work will allow you to avoid problems with your boss and enjoy your free time without worrying. Be sure to use only common and uncomplicated excuses, as it would be difficult to fake some medical conditions after you return to work. Failing to act as if you really were sick may ‘give up your game’ and draw suspicion from your boss. A truly good fake doctor note template should stand up even to a thorough inspection, but there is no need to take unnecessary risks.