Should You Prefer a Fake Dentist or Doctor Note to Get Out of Work (Supporting Page)

When to Fake a Dentist or Doctors Note to Miss Work

Imagine you simply want to have a rest after a tough working schedule. Although you might be absolutely worn out, not many would prefer using their precious vacation just to deal with minor issues such as fatigue or a slight ailment that is amendable to over-the-counter medications. On the other hand, you wouldn’t tell your boss you need to get out of work for a day or two if you cannot come up with a credible reason. So, what should you do?

a woman visiting her dentistFortunately, due to fake doctors notes, there is a way out. Whenever you’re in a situation when you need to miss work and sort out your issues, a fake note from a doctor can come in handy. Although it can get you into a tricky situation if you get caught with a fake note, you still have good chances to convince your boss that you had been really sick as long as you can find the most trusted fake notes.

When it comes to choosing between a fake dentist note and a fake note from a doctor, there are several factors to consider. Although both types have plenty of similarities, there are some key differences you should always bear in mind when choosing between a fake dentist note and a general doctors certificate.

Both doctors and dentist letters can help you to:

  • Provide a legit excuse for your absenteeism from work.
    Since the legislation requires having a legit excuse for your absenteeism from work, you simply cannot avoid delivering it to your authorities if you don’t want to get into trouble. However, the legislation does not allow your boss to make any inquiries about your health details which mean you actually have the chance of missing work even if you’re not sick, as long as you can get a high-quality template of fake doctors note for work.
  • Save your earnings by avoiding a payoff.
    While it is always possible to leave at one’s own expense, not many would like to lose some of their salaries, especially if they actually blame their job the main reason why they need a day off. In fact, if the job causes your stress, why would you have to pay for relieving it?
  • Avoid penalties for missing your work without an excuse.
    Even if you and your boss might be friends, being absent from work without a legal excuse means your superior has legal grounds for a penalty including firing. That’s why having a fake dentist note or a general doctors certificate is simply a must.
  • Avoid certain restrictions of your job.
    Some occupations may have certain restrictions which you would prefer to avoid. For this reason, a fake note for work can help you break the rules legally.
  • Prank your workmates with a funny medical condition.
    Finally, you can always make a joke of your colleagues by using a fake template to create the most incredible medical condition.

People prefer using a fake dentist excuse note for work due to many reasons. Personally, I find it useful because:

  • It is normal to visit a dentist every three of four months.
    You won’t even have to back your fake dentist note with a credible story if you use this excuse not more than 3-5 times a year since it won’t attract any scrutiny. So if you buy half a dozen of high-quality fake dentist excuse note templates, you can be sure they are worth spending your money as you can use them within a year.
  • Everybody has experienced dental pain in his or her life.
    All people experience dental pain already in childhood when they have to get rid of deciduous teeth. So even if your boss hasn’t had a single dental operation within the last ten years, you can always be sure he or she knows how painful a dental issue may be. For this reason, make sure you have a fake dentist note handy for an emergency situation.
  • Dental issues can be time-consuming.
    While ailments like food poisoning or common cold won’t normally require more than a couple of days to resolve, having a ‘serious’ dental operation may mean you’ll have to ‘visit’ a surgery several times in a row. That’s why, with a fake excuse note from a dentist, you can be legally excused of missing half of the working week without raising too much suspicion.

How to Fake a Credible Note from Dentist to Miss Work

If you have ever examined a real dental excuse note, you couldn’t but notice things like watermarks, logos, and dentist signatures. Although they don’t look too sophisticated, it is important to find fake templates which would look absolutely the same if you don’t want to get caught.

My greatest advice for those who want a fake dentist note for work would be to look for some really good templates as well as find a trustworthy online guide providing a verification service. The latter is really important if your employer finds your excuses fishy and wants to check whether the note you’ve delivered from a dentist is not a fake.

Check some of the useful tips on how to find and use reliable fake dentist templates at

Where to Look for Reliable Fake Dentist Note Templates

a funny photo of a dental serviceWell, since the Internet has recently become the greatest source of any information in the world, it is better to start finding templates to fake your excuse for work on the Web. There are numbers of online companies offering all sorts of fake templates, which is very useful… and disadvantageous at the same time. The Internet abounds in low-quality templates which can easily get you into trouble, but there is a chance of finding good ones among these free excuse templates.

That’s why it is important to check the company you’re dealing with to get a top quality excuse template. Read the customer reviews as well as find out whether the online guide can provide 24/7 verification service. And don’t forget to ask for free samples to check the quality before you make your purchase.